Currently 10 million Ukrainians are displaced within Ukraine. And growing daily.

Together let’s raise $1,000,000 to help shelter the civilians of Ukraine!


USD raised

Shelters Supported

Civilians Supported


May 4, 2022

Next 33 792 EUR allocated Shelters supported: 1 shelter in Zbarazh, Ternopil region, at the monastery premises, 20 people; 1 shelter in Ivano-Frankivsk region, 39 people. Purchase: beds, matrasses, pillows, bed linens, kitchen equipment, water heater, linens, etc. Beyond supporting shelters 500 of food packages and 500 of hygiene sets were purchased for IDPsin Zhytomyr region; medical supplies for people in bomb shelters in Kharkiv; veggies and other raw products purchased for cooking at ...


Funding – to buy necessities and equipment locally. Including: mattresses, blankets, sleeping bags, kitchenware, food, fuel, medicine, sanitary supplies, and much more. Once a shelter is operative, supplies are still needed.


Every $100 buys shelter for one person.

Every $10 buys food and other necessities for one person per day.

who we are


Shelter Ukraine is an initiative governed by established NGOs, focused on helping internally displaced Ukrainians by raising resources and creating shelters. The initiative is led by the Valores Foundation (Poland), which is responsible for fundraising, together with local Ukrainian organizations:  SILab Ukraine, Teple Misto, and VPLYV Fund, which oversee the distribution and utilization of resources in areas affected by war.



All funding collected by Valores will be distributed to SILab Ukraine, which is cooperating with the VPLYV Fund and Teple Misto, whose operations are divided by regions. They distribute funding locally, based on direct grant applications from the organizers of shelters. Once the funding is allocated and sent, the shelter organizers report back on expenditures.

The process is 100% transparent, and 100% of your donation goes to those in need.

There are zero administrative costs. The Poland-based team is working strictly pro bono. The Ukraine-based team’s costs have been covered by earlier grants and donations.


As the people of Ukraine heroically fight the occupying forces, Poland, has set itself up for charitable work. Through an unprecedented scale of engagement by non-government organizations, thousands of volunteers, and hundreds of thousands of ordinary citizens, Poland has become the center of organizing aid to its neighbor and to the people who were forced to flee.

But most aid is – so far – directed either at the incoming refugees or at supplying those directly under attack with necessities and medicines.

The rapidly growing number of internally displaced Ukrainians is now a developing humanitarian crisis that begs for action. SILab Ukraine and other Ukrainian social organizations have partnered with Valores to set up fundraising activities. These are aimed directly at immediate aid, in order to create shelters for people in the safer parts of Ukraine, and to support with food and medical assistance, those that needed to be evacuated, or are on their way to safer locations.

Help shelter civilians in Ukraine


Will my donation directly help organising shelter for civilians?

Yes, 100% of the funding collected by Valores will be transferred to Ukrainian organisations directly involved in organizing shelters and providing necessary supplies. There is 0% administrative or other costs on Valores’ side. Our employees and partners work 100% pro bono.

Can I donate to the Ukrainian organisations directly?

To ensure your money goes directly to the cause you should donate via our initiative. Based on the mutual grant agreement between Valores Foundation and SILab Ukraine 100% of your money transferred via Valores accounts is used to establish and run shelters in Ukraine.

What is the current situation of internally displaced people in Ukraine?

A network of Ukrainian organisations across the country, mainly in Western Ukraine is setting up accommodations and shelter for those that need to flee within the borders of Ukraine. They do not have an option to leave the country!

The internally displaced people (IDPs) are coming from Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Kherson, Chernihiv, Donetsk region, and many more. Those are all mainly mothers with children and seniors, who cannot enrol to military activities. There are also hundreds of people, whose homes were bombed, and they need also homes within the limits of their home cities.

How are shelters being organised?

Local authorities organise public buildings, schools, social aid centres to accommodate the internally displaced civilians. Through online grant form, the SILab Ukraine and its partners, collects information on their capacity and needs. Based on submitted request a grant is transferred to local organisation or entity, which purchases mattresses, hygiene products, medical supplies, generator and other necessities for those who were forced to flee their homes. Once the payments are made, the shelters’ organizers collect invoices and bills, and submit with a report on spending.

Local organisations are also preparing bomb shelters for those families, either in the buildings they already occupy or in the neighbouring buildings. Therefore, the received funding is also dedicated to secure such places.

How do we ensure the support?

Due to the circumstances and potential difficulties in accessing bank payments in Ukraine, Valores Foundation in Poland offered its bank accounts and needed technical support to collect and transfer the funding on an ongoing basis. It is taking place based on the mutual grant agreement between Valores Foundation and SILab Ukraine.

Partnering with local organisations will ensure long-term support to those who needed to flee. We believe that once this terrible war is over, the families and children of Ukraine will need even more support locally. Connecting them with the local social organisations will ensure support once the peaceful times are back.

What exactly happens to my donation after it is received by Valores Fund?

  • Money raised by Valores Foundation is transferred directly to the SILab account.
  • All funds are divided between the three Ukrainian entities (approximately, depending on the situation). One third goes to VPLYV (VP), one third to Teple Misto (TM) and one third to SILab (SI).
  • Each of three partner organisations oversees their own set of regions, permanently assigned to them and works directly with grass root organisations in each region. Three organisations combined cover all 25 regions of Ukraine.
  • Support will be provided via grants to local NGOs or direct payment of bills (minimum sum of the bill is 1000 Euro). The maximum support to one organisation is 7000 Euro.
  • We are planning to coordinate our activity with the coordination headquarters “Support is nearby” created under the Ministry of social policy of Ukraine.

How the regional organisations and groups learn about the available support?

The word of mouth, social media and direct outreach by SILab Ukraine and all the Ukrainian organisations are the ways to reach local organisations. SILab Ukraine launched an online request form for local organisations and schools to apply.

How the funding will reach the local centres?

There are two types of entities that can request financial support to equip the centres for internally displaced people. Here is the process on how the funding will be disbursed to the centres:

  • Registered social organisation.
    Based on the online request form, the grant agreement is put in place. Funding wired, the organisation purchase the equipment locally, they collect evidences and report to SILab. Template and instruction on the reporting will be provided.
  • Informal groups or individuals setting up centres.
    They submit online form as the registered entities. Once it is accepted they purchase the equipment with delayed payment option. The invoice is shared with SILab Ukraine, and payment is done based on the submitted documents. Due to large amount of funding needed, such requests might be divided into multiple payments, that SILab Ukraine will deal with.


In case conflict escalation, or inability from SILab Ukraine to deliver the funding to the local centres, the Valores Foundation will be transferring the funding to one of the listed Ukrainian partner organisations (see below), that will be in position to secure the transfer of the funds, based on a separate grant agreement.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Currently all donations to Shelter Ukraine done by Polish tax payers are tax deductible. The title of your donation should be: darowizna Shelter Ukraine.

We are working to obtain a status of 501c3 for US tax payers, to enable tax deductions there.