⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣         The Shelter Ukraine initiative is implemented by public and charitable organizations. The main goal is to solve the humanitarian problems of the civilian population in Ukraine by raising funds and creating shelters, as well as food and hygiene kits. The initiative is led by the Valores Foundation (Poland), which is responsible for fundraising together with local Ukrainian organizations SILab Ukraine, VPLYV and Teple Misto. It is these organizations that control the process of providing assistance to war victims.

Anna Gulevska-Chernysh

         Anna Gulevska-Chernysh is the initiator of Shelter Ukraine. Anna is a co-founder and Chairman of the Board of SILab Ukraine and the Ukrainian Social Venture Fund. Prior to the establishment of SILab Ukraine, Anna was the director of the Forum of Ukrainian Philanthropists for 10 years and took an active part in the institutional development of the charitable sphere in Ukraine. When the Revolution of Dignity took place in 2014, during the bloody events on the Maidan in February 2014, Anna initiated cooperation with international organizations and organized financial support for the wounded on the Maidan who were in field hospitals and hospitals in Kyiv. She was a co-founder of the initiative group "Maidan Batkivshchyna". In 7 days, the group raised $ 1 million to support the families (parents, wives, children) of the Heavenly Hundred heroes. Anna works closely with the Cabinet of Ministers, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and local authorities.

         Valores is a venture charitable foundation in Warsaw. Since 2008, it has been collecting funding from individuals and providing long-term grants to social organizations working on complex, often unfunded social issues, such as rehabilitating prisoners, supporting the homeless, people with mental disabilities, foster youth, and more. Financial support is always accompanied by long-term management training from business experts.

         Teple Misto was found in 2012 as a platform for initiatives and synergy between them. Their mission is to be an innovative platform for creating possibilities and social transformations. On the example of Ivano-Frankivsk to encourage changes in Ukraine and beyond. The main areas are urban planning and the circular economy, arts and sports, sustainable mobility, creative industries and more. It implements two grant programs: the Urban 100 Program and the Teple Misto Small Grants Program.

         VPLYV Foundation is a charitable organization that has been operating in Ukraine since 2015. The Foundation acts as a social investor and focuses its activities on improving the quality of life of people with disabilities through comprehensive support of various social services for them. He also supports the creation of social enterprises aimed at the labor integration of disadvantaged groups.

         SILab Ukraine is an organization established in 2017 to build an ecosystem of social entrepreneurship and social innovation in Ukraine. To date, 18 social entrepreneurs have graduated from SILab acceleration programs, and several companies are preparing to launch in the near future. The organization works throughout the country, helping to create new social enterprises and support existing ones. The team develops local policies, promotes social investment, mobilizes communities and creates social partnerships to achieve social impact.